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We find that one of the largest challenges facing HIV positive people is the stigma they can experience. Where does stigma come from? We believe stigma often comes from miseducation.

Our HIV Awareness Training gives professionals and individuals a better understanding of issues relating to HIV and AIDS.

We tailor the training to meet the needs of your organisation or business. Each training session would usually cover:

  • HIV prevention and transmission
  • HIV-related stigma and discrimination
  • Signs and symptoms of HIV
  • HIV myths and facts
  • HIV treatment

All sessions will include an HIV+ speaker who will talk about their experience of living with the condition in order to help you better understand what it might feel like to live with HIV.


‘It allowed me to have a better understanding working with clients.’


Interesting is an understatement!’


Thank you so much, it was fantastic. I have had such great feedback from staff and prisoners. Some said it was the best training sessions they had received and that was from the staff. Prisoners are raving about it, it’s created such a buzz around the place.’


For more information on our HIV Awareness Training or to book our training package please get in touch.