One-to-one Peer Support

With our Peer Support service, you can meet with a peer mentor who is also living with HIV and understands the struggles of what a diagnosis can be.

Our peer mentors are trained volunteers who can meet with you on a regular basis one-to-one. They are there to be a listening ear, share experiences and discuss coping strategies with you, after all they are also living with HIV and so understand what you may be going through.

Having a safe place & someone to talk to, unload & connect with has been invaluable for me, my personality has come back.”

For example, our peer mentors can support you in:

  • Coming to terms with your diagnosis
  • Increasing your knowledge about HIV
  • Starting or changing treatment
  • How to manage side-effects
  • Getting the most out of your clinical appointments
  • If, when and how to share your status with people
  • Managing relationships

If you think talking to someone who has been through what you are experiencing would help, please contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor, please contact us.

Brigstowe’s One-to-one Peer Support Service is part of a national HIV peer support network: Project 100.

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Recently Clare our HIV Peer Support Coordinator sat down with 2 of our Peer Mentors; Aer and Monica. Take a read and find out more about these 2 wonderful people and why they volunteer for Brigstowe.

Just a few of our Peer Mentors at a Peer Mentor Conference