Fundraise for us

There are loads of ways that you can fundraise for Brigstowe. Whether it is hosting a dinner party, running 10k, swimming the length of the Atlantic or putting on a fabulous club night – your creativity and determination can help us!

Follow these simple steps to your fundraising glory:

  1. Decide your activity – check out our Brigstowe Fundraising Pack for ideas!
  2. Get in touch! Let us know your fundraising idea and we will give you all the support you need.
  3. Get fundraising!

Choosing an activity.

We have filled our events calendar with local runs, cultural events and themes that may help you decide your fundraising activity. Or, you might want to do something completely original. Either way, it is good idea to make a decision and stick to it! Check out the events calendar for inspiration, or you can give us a call to chat through your idea.

Get in touch! We can support you.

Drop us an email, tweet us, give us a call. Or better still, come in a see us for a coffee. There are loads of ways that we can support your fundraising endeavor from Social Media coverage to giving you Brigstowe t-shirts and other materials.

Get fundraising! 

Start talking to people about your activity and get people to commit to supporting you! You might want to do this in person or via social media, but keep in mind that the best means might be dependant on your type of activity.

Top tip for a successful fundraiser.

Decide your activity thoughtfully! It’s always a good idea to tie in with a theme or an event already happening. This relieves some of the stress of organising and there might already be quite a bit of interest.