Where can I pick up #MyRedRibbon?

Loads of businesses, pubs, cafes and bars across Bristol are supporting the #MyRedRibbon campaign.

Here are just a few key places you can pick up #MyRedRibbon:

  • Bristol Bear Bar
  • Easton Community Centre
  • Police Head Quarters
  • Old Market Assembly
  • No 1. Harbourside
  • The Canteen
  • And many, many more venues across Bristol!


What do I do with it?

We are encouraging people to wear their red ribbon throughout November and on December 1st – World AIDS Day. We are also encouraging people to take a selfie wearing their red ribbon and post it to social media, tagging Brigstowe and #MyRedRibbon.

We want to create some visual noise and show support for people living with HIV!


Why a red ribbon?

The symbol of a red ribbon was created by HIV artists and activists in the 1990s. The colour represents blood, passion, anger and love. It was a small community project at first, and now has grown to be recognizable worldwide.


I own a business, can we request some publicity materials? 

Absolutely! We have promotional boxes, ribbon and leaflets all ready to go. Just give us a call and we’ll get them out to you.


Thank you for your interest in our #MyRedRibbon campaign and for showing your support for people living with HIV. 


Why not check out our World AIDS Day programme for information on events we have coming up through November and December?