More Than 3 Letters

Emily Dean (co-host of the Frank Skinner Radio Show, Author & Podcaster) reading Emily’s letter to herself.

Inspired by our team of positive volunteers, More Than 3 Letters is about writing a letter to your younger self. Imagine going back in time and being the person you were when you were first told about your HIV status. Who was that person? How did they feel? What questions did they have? How did it change their life?

Now, who are you today? What have you learned in your time living with HIV? What advice would you give your younger self? What words of support would you offer? What maybe surprising experiences or lessons have you benefited from or learned form others? Who and what has made you the person you are today? And how do you feel now?

Beginning, Middle and End

Betty sharing her letter

Your letter tells your story, and like every good story it should have a beginning, middle and end. Think about how to structure your letter, and how to order your thoughts.

Keep it personal – But respectful

Your letter is addressed to yourself. It should be honest, personal, and from your own experience. But remember it will be read by others. Change or leave out personal details that you don’t wish to identify yourself or others, and avoid mentioning people by name unless you have their consent to do so.

The Value of Sharing

In reflecting upon your experience, we hope you will benefit from sharing it. But so may others who come to read it, including both people living with HIV and those who aren’t. What would you most like them to hear or learn from your story.

Words of Note

Revisiting and recording your experiences may be difficult, take time to form into words, and sometimes be an emotional experience in itself. Consider when and where you choose to write your letter. And always remember support is available if it raises any concerns or anxieties. Contact Brigstowe for advice and support on 0117 955 5038 if at any time you feel you need to do so.

If you would like to take part and write a letter please contact Aled on or call 0117 955 5038