HIV-related Stigma

Stigma cycle

Unfortunately, HIV related stigma is still very common and for some it can be the hardest part of living with HIV. It can mean that HIV+ people experience discrimination, negative attitudes and abuse. Some people are pushed out of their families or communities, experience poor treatment in health or education settings or even experience erosion of their human rights.

All of these examples of stigma and discrimination have an adverse effect on someone living with HIV. In fact, cases of anxiety and depression are considerably higher in HIV+ people compared to the rest of the population.

And it does not stop there. Discrimination and stigma create fear and so limit access to HIV testing, treatment and other HIV services.

Brigstowe is committed to reducing HIV related stigma as we believe that no one should be discriminated against because of their HIV status. We can offer organisations HIV Awareness Training which aims to inform and education health and social care professionals.

If you believe you have experienced discrimination due to your HIV status and would like advice or support around this matter, please get in touch.