Disclosing your HIV status is a personal choice. You should never feel pressured to disclose your status and there are no situations where you have to disclose your status.

Here are some of our tips when thinking about disclosure:

  • Do not say sorry! You have a virus, you have nothing to apologise for.
  • There is no perfect way to disclose. This is your life and is personal to you. Trust your instincts.
  • Having feelings of uncertainty about disclosure is very common.
  • Consider why you are disclosing to someone and what kind of reaction you are expecting. What if it does not go the way you had planned?
  • It can feel painful not getting the response you had hoped for after disclosing but you will get through it. Call a friend, come to a Brigstowe event or do a bit of self care.
  • Signpost friends and family to the Brigstowe website for more information on HIV. It may help them understand your condition better.
  • If you are feeling isolated because of you HIV status, join a group where disclosure is less of an issue. Brigstowe runs a safe, confidential group for HIV positive people.