Clinic Peer Support

Brigstowe provides peer support at the HIV Clinic at Southmead Hospital (Gate 36) once a week. This means our volunteer peer mentors, who are living with HIV, are there to chat to you, one-to-one, in a private room before or after your appointment.

Ask your clinician to speak to a clinic peer mentor. They can:

  • Check in with you about your appointment and any concerns you may have
  • Have a chat with you about your treatment and managing side effects
  • Talk About Relationships
  • Be a listening ear
  • Let you know about how Brigstowe can help
  • Share their own experiences of living with HIV

“I was feeling quite stressed & anxious about my appointment – but as soon I started speaking to the peer mentor I felt at ease straight away & calmed down.”  Patient

“Chatting to another person who also goes to the clinic, who understands it & who was able to check in with me made everything a little easier.” Patient