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COVID-19 is likely to be worse in those with a ‘weakened immune system’. This does not mean that all people with HIV are considered at an increased risk. Those on HIV treatment with a good CD4 count and an undetectable viral load are not considered to have weakened immune systems. A ‘good’ CD4 count means anything over 200.

Effective treatment means the vast majority of people living with HIV have an undetectable viral load and good CD4. Clinic don’t usually do the CD4 count test anymore because if you remain undetectable your CD4 won’t fall. So if you don’t know your CD4, don’t worry it usually means this is good.

There is no need to stockpile your medication, just make sure you have   access to one month of medication.

CD4 more than 200 & Undetectable Viral Load & on Treatment

· Follow general advice

CD4 less than 200 & Detectable Viral Load & Not on treatment

· Heightened risk but follow general advice

CD4 less than 50 or have had an opportunistic infection in the last 6 months

· Extremely vulnerable. Follow shielding advice for 3 months

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