Common Ambition Bristol

Common Ambition Bristol – Help improve HIV and sexual health services for people of African and Caribbean heritage in Bristol

Common Ambition Bristol is a major new 3-year project led by African Voices ForumBrigstowe working in partnership with people of African and Caribbean heritage and sexual health care staff to reduce HIV infections, stigma and generally improve sexual health.  The project will support people to make decisions about their own communities’ specific sexual health needs.

For this project to be a success, the team need African and Caribbean heritage members of the public to work together with them to help co-design the project and develop news ways to tackle HIV. We are looking to recruit 6 community members of African & Caribbean heritage, to be part of the Project Delivery Group who will help make key decisions and support the running of the project.  

In order to join the Project Delivery Group as a ‘Community Member’ you will be from and have good links with African and/or Caribbean heritage communities in Bristol. You will have a passion for diversity and equal opportunities and be able to think creatively, be able to evaluate information, problem solve and make decisions. You will receive:

  • Ongoing training and development opportunities
  • Regular support from the Project Coordinator
  • £25 per hour for attending meetings – around 3 hours per month

If you are interested in being involved in the project, please fill in the Application Form and Equal Opportunities Form and send them by 9am Monday 1st March. Please see below and see also our recruitment page for more information.

Role Description for Community Member Project-Delivery-Group Download

Application Form Download

Equal Opps Form Download

If you would like more information about the project and how you can get involved, please email

The project is being led by Brigstowe (Bristol charity for people living with HIV) and African Voices Forum (Bristol network of African and African-Caribbean community organisations) working in collaboration with African and Caribbean communities. They will be working in partnership with health care professionals from Unity Sexual Health and the public health team from Bristol City Council to introduce new ways to improve HIV testing and broader sexual health services. Researchers from the University of Bristol will work in collaboration with community members to evaluate the project. 

In Bristol, 2.7 people out of 1,000 aged between 15 and 59 are living with HIV. The rate has been steadily increasing since 2011 and is higher than the average for England (2.4 per 1,000 people).There are a disproportionate number of people of African and Caribbean heritage in Bristol who are:

1) Unaware they are HIV positive and only diagnosed once their infection is advanced and they have become seriously ill

2) Unaware they are HIV positive and are at greater risk of passing the virus on to others through unprotected sex

3)  Have identified problems with accessing HIV and sexual health services.

Common Ambition Bristol aims to tackle these issues, by working in partnership with African and Caribbean communities, introducing new ways to increase HIV testing and reducing HIV stigma.

This project will help Bristol achieve the goals set out by the Fast Track Cities partnership which Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees signed up to in November 2019. These are to reduce new HIV transmissions in the city to zero by 2030, whilst at the same time eradicating HIV stigma.

This project is funded by the Health Foundation, an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK and will run for 3 years from January 2021 to December 2023