Brigstowe’s 21st – The Mayor’s Statement

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On Tuesday we celebrated our 21st anniversary of improving the lives of people living with HIV. Mayor Marvin Rees showed his support by sending the following statement. We are touched and encouraged by his words.


“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the years your organisation has been supporting the people of Bristol.  You provide an essential service to many and a lifeline to those living with and affected by HIV in this city.


“By working to address the many health and social inequalities that people living with HIV can face you’re offering hope.  Through your work you are proving that with the help of medication and emotional support people who are HIV positive can still lead a full and happy life.


“Despite being a reality for many in the city, living with HIV continues to be a stigmatising condition with many individuals discriminated against on a daily basis.  I would like to thank the Brigstowe Project for the critical work that they have been doing to raise this issue in the public eye and combat these misconceptions.


“Your work saves lives whilst making this city a better and more caring place to live.  We are indebted to you and your work and I hope that you will continue operating in Bristol for many years to come.”

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