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Our Staff Team


Rami Ghali
Chief Executive Officer

Rami has worked with Brigstowe for over 12 years, stepping into the role of Project Coordinator 3 years ago. He has a background in Support Work and also accounting.


Miriam Nye
Migrant and Asylum Support Worker


Jodie Browne
Senior Advice & Support Worker

Jodie leads our busy Advice & Support Service. She started working for Brigstowe’s Support Service almost 10 years ago, was instrumental in setting up Brigstowe’s dedicated Migrant and Asylum service.


Annie Pollock
Senior Advice & Support Worker

Annie originally worked for Brigstowe some years ago and more recently has come back to join us. She is a dedicated worker part of the ASG and also covers the South Gloucestershire Advice Service.


Dave Simpson
Advice & Support Worker

Dave has worked as a Support Worker for Brigstowe for over 7 years and is now part of our ASG team. He also supervises other Support Workers.


Sofia Silva


Lauren Tittle
Positive Voices Manager

Lauren manages all of Brigstowe’s ‘Positive Voices’ services. This is a multifaceted job, involving everything from volunteer management to training provision. She is also a qualified Social Worker.


Clare Peacock
Peer Support Coordinator


Sean Hourigan
Diabetes Peer Support Coordinator

Sean joined Brigstowe in Summer 2016, with previous experience as a trustee for the charity. He was a Support Worker and now coordinates Brigstowe’s new Diabetes project with Bristol Community Health.


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